Accreditation in SA Sign Language interpretation

Accreditation in SA Sign Language interpretation is generally carried out once a year in one or two centres in the country, but is dependent on an adequate number of applications to make an examination at a particular venue economically viable. Currently accreditation is only offered for simultaneous interpretation; other modes are planned to be added in due course. Candidates are examined in the language combination(s) of their choice (if SATI offers the language combination), with the accreditation certificate reflecting the relevant language(s) and mode. The accreditation exam comprises a simulated interpretation assignment using voice recordings and whispered interpretation equipment. The exam is recorded and assessed independently as well as anonymously by two markers appointed by SATI.

To apply for the examination to become a SATI accredited interpreter in SA Sign Language interpretation, we require the following:

The applicant should be a paid-up SATI member for at least 3 months.


  • Be in possession of a post-secondary language practice qualification* aligned with the Higher Education Qualifications Framework PLUS evidence of two years’ language practice work in the relevant discipline (with professional references – candidates must submit copies of their academic qualifications and academic record).


Show evidence of at least five years’ language practice work in the relevant discipline (with professional references).


Have a current accreditation by SATI.


Have membership of or have current accreditation by a FIT member association acceptable to the SATI Council.

  • Candidates must watch the presentation on the accreditation system that is available on the SATI website before they will be allowed to participate in any test or examination.
  • Candidates must sign a copy of the code of ethics each time they take an examination.

The various costs involved are the following:

  • Accreditation examination (one direction) – R1160
  • Accreditation examination (SASL – English both directions) – R1470

(Members outside South Africa pay a R250 Forex fee.)


↓Word file – Application for the SATI accreditation test

↓Word file – Application for the SATI accreditation examination

↓PDF file – General information about the accreditation process

↓PDF file View Online  – Accreditation examination in simultaneous interpretation: South African Sign Language (SASL)

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