Benefits of SATI membership

For individual members, SATI:

  • Protects and promotes the interests of language practitioners (translators, interpreters, text editors, terminologists, lexicographers and indexers).
  • Deliberates with other players in the industry and government, as a LAMP partner, e.g. to ensure that legislative frameworks that are implemented do not adversely affect the position of language practitioners in South Africa.
  • Represents your interests in a variety of forums.
  • Ensures that best practices are followed in the profession through our Codes of Ethics for individual members, for agencies and for offices, and our Disciplinary Procedures.
  • Keeps you up to date with developments in the language field locally and abroad.
  • Gives you access to a system of accreditation that is highly respected and widely recognized, and is the only such system in SA.
  • Provides your clients with peace of mind regarding your competence through accreditation.
  • Interacts with around 800 others in the language professions.
  • Creates networking opportunities with other professionals.
  • Affiliates with translators’ organisations around the world through the International Federation of Translators (FIT).
  • Ensures close contact with other language professionals in your area or field of interest through the SATI chapters.
  • Creates opportunities for work through referral from SATI’s databases of freelancers and advertisements.
  • Circulates information of interest and relevance to the profession including job opportunities.
  • Allows access to the members’ area where we offer training and webinars.
  • Provides proof of your professionalism and commitment to high standards through support of the appropriate professional association.
  • Helps with the raising of standards through support of accreditation and the Institute’s codes of ethics.
  • Gives you the opportunity to use the SATI logo on stationery and advertising material under certain conditions.
  • Creates the opportunity to serve the profession though committees and other organs that help improve conditions in and add value to the profession.
  • Provides opportunities for professional development through SATI-organised workshops, seminars and other training at member rates.

For student members, SATI:

  • Offers the same benefits than for general members, but student members gain exposure to the profession they plan to practise: the employment opportunities available, conferences and seminars on offer, publications available, developments in the profession, etc.
  • Offers a network with professionals already in the field.