Categories of membership

You can join SATI as an individual, student or corporate member. Membership is open to anyone interested in translation and the related professions. No specific academic or other qualifications are required for individual membership, however, applicants must have a proof of involvement in language-related matters. Certain categories of members have the option to become accredited through an examination. Only accredited members have the right to vote within the Institute, but all other benefits and privileges are the same for general and accredited members.

There are three categories:

  • Individual member (open to individuals working in their personal capacity)
  • Student member (open to students doing a language practice course)
  • Corporate member (open to translation companies and language office)

Corporate membership is available in two categories:

  • Language agencies/translation companies
  • Language offices (in government, corporate entities or educational institutions)

The pamphlet below gives more information on the various categories and will help you decide which category of membership you should apply for. Dual membership is possible in certain instances.


↓PDF file – Categories of membership