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Translation and Editing from English into Xhosa

The agency Mid-Localize is looking for a Translator and Editor to work on a project for the Amazon Fulfillment Technologies division (more information on that here).


Language Pairs: English into Xhosa

Service: Translation and Editing


Translation: 0.04 USD

Editing: 0.02 USD

Tool: ATMS

Content: IT

Capacity and word count: 2k per day/language

TAT for up to 2k words: same day


Please find below the client’s matrix for this project:

What is TER?
TER Stands for Translation Edit Range. It is a way to measure the edit distance of a post­ edited segment. The TER score can be easily and accurately converted into a weighted word to calculate fair financial compensation for the work.

How is it calculated?
Depending on the complexity of changes, the weight of an edit can be 25% (no edit needed, so 25% of the no-match rate is paid to review the segment) or 100% (a big effort, so the full rate applies for that segment). The complete TER effort table is as follows:

Level TER Weighted Word rate
1 0% 25%
2 1-5% 35%
3 6-10% 45%
4 10-19% 55%
5 20-29% 65%
6 30-39% 75%
7 40-49% 85%
8 50%+ 100%



Email Menna Magdy, Vendor Manager of Mid-Localize, at

Please make sure you include the following:

  1. Confirm the mentioned budget for this project
  2. Send your updated CV
  3. Let her know about your experience regarding the IT field by mentioning the subject matters and word count that you have done
  4. After checking the above instructions please confirm that you can perfectly handle this project
  5. Confirm the above matrix & let her know your capacity per day for MTPE & QA separately

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Mid Localize

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