Disclaimer & accreditation

*Accredited translator, accredited sworn translator, accredited editor or accredited interpreter – a language practitioner who is accredited was tested and passed the SATI accreditation examination in that particular field. The quality of work produced by accredited members should be excellent as their abilities have been tested.

Disclaimer: SATI does not take any responsibility for any work produced by any SATI member who advertises their services on the freelance database site. Anyone working/volunteering for SATI cannot be held responsible if members of SATI do not produce work according to specifications set out by clients; or if a dispute arises between a SATI member and a client. SATI members sign a code of conduct and should adhere to that code. Should the code of conduct be violated in any way, a complaint may be lodged at the SATI office. This may result in the SATI member losing his/her membership if found guilty by the SATI Ethics Committee. However, criminal charges and the like could not be lodged with the SATI office.

Corporate and individual SATI members are allowed to use the SATI logo on their website for the duration of their term of membership. Copyright over the logo is owned by the Institute. SATI members are only entitled to use the SATI logo on material where it is relevant to indicate their link with the Institute; however, the logo remains the property of the Institute. Only members in good standing may use it. If membership is suspended or in arrears, entitlement to usage of the logo falls away. Agencies or individuals who continue to use the logo once they are no longer members will face legal action.