General information on accreditation

A system of accreditation was introduced by the South African Translators’ Institute in 1990 in an effort to improve the standing of language practitioners in the community and to assure clients of a certain level of competence in the language practitioner they employ. The system began with translation and has been expanded as required. Accreditation is currently available for translation, for purposes of becoming a sworn translator, for language editing, for interpreting and for terminology.

Only SATI members may apply to become accredited. Paid-up members who have been members for three months and longer may apply.

If membership of the Institute lapses, accreditation lapses as well. Persons applying for accreditation thus implicitly agree to remain members of the Institute.

↓Word file– SAVI application accreditation test
↓word file – SAVI application accreditation examination
↓PDF file – General information about the accreditation process
↓PowerPoint presentation – the process for the accreditation examination in translation

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