Plan to write better: The Hook

Plan to write better: The Hook

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In this course, we’ll be teaching you how to write so your reader will do what you want them to. The course is built around the acronym ‘PLAIN’: Planned, Lean, Accurate, In active tense, and Nice and neat. 

In our last blog, we said that to write better, you need to step back and write something your READER wants to read. Plan your document around your reader and start by dangling a hook that he or she can’t resist.

Rule 2: Dangle a hook

Spot the hook in this email:

Hi Andy

You asked about our service offering, and you’ll be glad to hear that you qualify for a 30% discount on all orders that you place this month.

Our services include translation, editing and copywriting, but I think you’re more interested in the editing part for now? I attach more information on that, together with a rate quote.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,



Note that the email starts by answering the reader’s question. Also note that the first line repeats the word ‘you’ four times, while there’s only one ‘our’ – that’s the writer stepping back and putting the reader in the spotlight. And there’s a nice hook in the form of a discount. 

To sum up: To write better, hold out a hook in your first sentence, giving information that will benefit your reader. (Tip: It often has to do with money!)

Written by Linda Botha and Laurie Snyman (LBLS)

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