International Federation of Translators (FIT)

Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of SA (ANFASA)

Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB)

Professional Editors’ Guild (PEG)


Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors (SENSE)

Southern African Freelancers’ Association (SAFREA)

Writers’ Guild of South Africa (WGSA)


Use of Official Languages Act, 2012

Use of Official Languages Act: Regulations

South African Language Practitioners’ Council Act, 2014 (Act 8 of 2014)

Products and suppliers

Afrikaanse Skryfgoed & other spelling checkers


Bird names (English, Afrikaans, Latin)

German/English online dictionary (English, German)

Election terminology (all SA languages)

ICT (Information and communications technology) terminology (all SA languages)

HIV/Aids terminology (all SA languages)

Mathematics terminology (all SA languages)

Natural sciences terminology (all SA languages)

Parliamentary terminology (all SA languages)

Soccer terminology (all SA languages)

Multilingual Arts and culture intermediate phase

Life Orientation intermediate phase

Wine industry dictionary (English, Afrikaans, Xhosa)

SAP terminology (variety of languages)


How to negotiate with your national Reproduction Rights Organization. An EIFL Guide

A quick guide to machine translation

Translation Commons, an open space for communities to offer and seek free language services

eClassroom – video tips and tricks for localization professionals, from Net-Translators