Safrea Newsletter – March 2021

Abstract Treasure: Karen Edmonson loves looking at things differently and capturing the beauty in everything. This abstract piece was inspired by broken glass and the beauty of the light reflecting, creating interesting shapes and “treasure”.

Message from the Chair

Dear Safreans,

This month I have given the Message from the Chair space to a professional body within Safrea to appeal to you to join. Read more about the South African Science Journalists Association (SASJA) below.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Yours in freelancing,

Lynne Smit, Safrea Chair

Our Photographer

We are featuring photographer Karen Edmonson, who is a travel and landscape photographer – capturing the different moods and atmospheres of places and creating fine art photographs for others to enjoy. Karen can be followed on Instagram at Thank you to Karen for the use of her photographs in this newsletter.

Blue Grotto – Drakensberg South Africa – A wonderful place of tranquility.


At Safrea we love to get to know our fellow freelancers and who better to meet than the two winners of the recent Safrea Rates Survey. They were randomly selected from all the participants of the survey and won a year’s free Safrea membership. Let’s introduce Suzani van der Merwe this month.

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Elephant mud bath – This elephant herd seemed to really enjoy cooling off in the muddy waters in Pilanesberg, South Africa.


Iza Grek looks at why “Progress is more important than perfection” in her article covering the webinar, “Future of Media: Predicting the Unpredictable,” which was hosted by Arena Holdings.

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Umhlanga Sunrise – The early morning colours and movement of the ocean is one of Karen’s favourite moments to photograph.

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Umhlanga – Golden light over Umhlanga Pearls, South Africa.